Believe it or Not, There Actually Are Plenty of OTHER Reasons to Boycott the Michygyn Transphobya Festyval

Such as…

its in Michigan – a rather large state that has not even come close to enacting a gay rights law (legitimate or St. Barney-esque) and whose neo-fascist governor and legislature have gone beyond craftily trying to prevent African-Americans from voting to actually erasing the local governments of a number of cities and school districts.


I don’t need to visit the states of New York, Wisconsin and New Hampshire to know that the sickening evil embodied by the 1977 Lisa Vogel-signed manifesto metastasized into gay-only rights regimes in which she, the other signatories to that manifesto (well, other than the one who later transitioned) and any other non-trans LGB person who might want to keep their businesses and facilities trans-free have the special state statutory right to discriminate against trans people.



Any bets as to how quickly these defenders of private-land owner-absolutism would come unglued if it decided to make exclusion of African-American lesbians one of the “whatever choices” it wants, “discriminatory or not”?


I thought so.

Its a public accommodation.

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