A Question

The John sez in 2014:

I know from bisexual friends that people who are bi often get a bad rap.

The John said in 2007:

Bisexuals, who were only part-time gays….

So, my question: Who exactly are these bisexual friends of The John?

I’ve personally never understood the problem — some people are gay, some are straight, some are in between, so why can’t someone be exactly in between?

Okay, I have another question: What exactly all was The John not able to understand in 2007?  We he didn’t have a clue about ENDA or trans history.  It looks as though the list is mounting.

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  1. It wasn’t just 2007. He expressed similar sentiments many times since. Maybe he’s had a conversion on the road to Damascus, maybe he’s realized how he was marginalizing himself. Who knows – maybe he’ll come out as bi sometime.

    If so – my condolences to the entire bi community.

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