I’m Sure His Textbooks Will be ‘Forcing the Spring,’ ‘Out For Good,’ and ‘Homosexuality: A Research Guide’

From the Boston Globe:

In the fall, [St. Barney] Frank will start teaching a course at Harvard on the history of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender movement.

And people wonder why I’m expending my last bits of savings and energy to produce a dissertation on trans history.



  1. Dear Katrina Rose:

    They say that “those who cannot do, teach,” and is it not a certainty that by that standard the distinguished former Representative from Massachusetts is better fit than you to do so?

    Lurleen Blayk

    PS: you kick ass! – NEVER GIVE UP: I have learned much that I might wish I did not know from your writings here… but I believe ’tis folly to dwell in a Fool’s Paradise. – bonzie anne

    • Thanx!

      • I hope the dissertation leads you to writing a book next.

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