Dana Beyer is an Idiot, a Liar and – Perhaps Most Importantly – Does Not Speak for Anyone Other Than Herself

we don’t need ENDA

Yes we do.


Until Dana Beyer becomes a retired lawyer to go along with being a retired failed political candidate and a ‘retired doctor,’ perhaps she should keep her obnoxious yap shut about what is legally necessary.

Leaving us out of ENDA will give the U.S. Supreme Court free license to make up a non-inclusion-as-retroactive-anti-trans-intent (similar to the 1977 Holloway v. Arthur Andersen decision) to erase all pro-trans Title VII precedent.





  1. I understand your political disagreement with Dana; I also support authentic inclusive ENDA legislation and an Executive Order. But why the vicious ad hominem attack against another trans woman? We all get plenty of that from right wing and Raymondite (TERF) haters, without doing it to each other.

    • Dana Beyer’s statement that we don’t need ENDA is a lie – at best.

      Dana Beyer’s decision to launch (not to mention continue) a campaign against the incumbent officeholder who was carrying (and ultimately succeeded in pushing across the finish line) the trans equality bill was idiotic – at best.

      There was nothing ad hominem about *my* statement.

      The only possible inaccuracy is that perhaps she also speaks for the equally detached-from-working-class-reality Sharon Brackett (assuming that the ‘speaking for’ doesn’t run in the opposite direction.)

  2. Rich people don’t need ENDA, what a news flash! All we need to do is buy that book from the guy in the dollar-sign suit and we too can be immune from employment discrimination, by becoming retired doctors!

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