I Did

Will Kohler at Back 2 Stonewall asks:

Who knew that Chad Griffin would actually be a WORSE leader than Joe Solmonese.

I did – and so did anyone who can accurately diagnose Marriage Derangement Syndrome (not to mention anyone who didn’t fail to notice the disturbing visual resemblance between Rosa Parks, Jr. and Elmer Wayne Henley; part of Solmonese’s failure was seeming to care more about what he looked like than anything than an organization such as what HRC claims to be should care about but, to his credit, while there was the one photo in which he dressed down and ended up looking like Pee Wee Herman, he’s never borne any resemblance to a notorious ‘homosexual torture murder’ serial killer.)

Just sayin’…

As for non-MDS issues, Rosa Parks, Jr. (allegedly) scribbled something for Buzzfeed defending an ENDA that only Hobby Lobby could love (well, only Hobby Lobby and, apparently, HRC’s wholly-owned, wholly-fake trans subsidiary NCTE.)  Kohler’s translation:

We will continue fighting for an ENDA with a religious exemption because we don’t want to piss off our rich, quisling GOP donors who demand one. But we don’t want you to know that.  End of story.


HRC works for quislings and a quisling works for HRC.

Its a quisling circle jerk!

But I digress….

ANY religious exemption that is in ENDA  will actually write discrimination into law and sets a precedent for the future that we may never be able to undo.

You mean like the precedent set by Gay, Inc-consecrated gay-only rights statutes that established the special right of non-trans LGBs to discriminate against trans people?

Someone needs to tell Chad “Rosa Parks” Griffin that writing (if she REALLY did write it) that saying “It’s time for full LGBT civil rights to come out of the closet. We all agree that, at the end of the day, full federal equality is the only acceptable option, nothing more, nothing less” and then stating “”we will fight for ENDA — with a narrowed religious exemption” is oxy-MORON- ic.

‘HRC’ and ‘MORON’…

Talk about redundant….


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