A Reminder

What Xians Really Want

The reminder?

I predicted the Hobby Lobby decision (and the accompanying fraudmeistery that Justice Sotomayor called out the male members of the court a few days later) fifteen years ago – when the coke-snorting, draft-dodging, rich-boy christianist psychopath who had bought the Texas governorship was telegraphing that he (and his daddy’s buddies) were planning to try to buy the presidency.

My reward?

Members of the LGBT community telling me that I was being mean, nasty, anti-christian – and that I had no proof whatsoever that George. W. Bush was in any way, shape or form anti-LGBT or would ever do anything that would harm LGBT people.

Today, Hobby Lobby gets to force women to live by its alleged religious standards.

In November, a(nother) Republican incumbent senator will go into election day with the endorsement of HRC over a far more pro-LGBT challenger.

In 2015, the justices that that coke-snorting, draft-dodging, rich-boy christianist psychopath injected into the Supreme Court (with Susan Collins’ blessing) will join with the pre-Dubya christianist psychopaths on the court and eviscerate…..

all practical use of same-sex marriage.

Yes, Marriage Derangement Syndrome-sufferers – particularly those who don’t have vaginas or uteruses – I’m talking to you now.

Yes, Hobby Lobby – and its anti-constitutionist ilk – will also go after anti-discrimination laws…

but WTF makes you think they won’t – perhaps even first – decide that they have a First Amendment right to ignore your marriages?

Oh, silly me….

That’s right.  You have Marriage Derangement Syndrome.

But take heart: Hobby Lobby and its anti-constitutionist ilk will all happily provide insurance coverage to help you cure you of that – along with being gay.

Its unseemly to say ‘I told you so’ but, as I was told fifteen years ago, I’m mean and nasty, so I really have no incentive to not say it.

I told you so!

Alito scoreboard.


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