Who Benefits from the Dana Beyer ‘Campaign’? (Part 3)

According to Jenna Fischetti at TransMaryland, the truth certainly is no beneficiary:

Beyer is spending historic amounts of money for a statewide senate race. The money she spent could fund a transgender economic empowerment initiative helping community member find gainful employment. It would fund hundreds of jobs, not just one. So much for the economic justice candidate.

Instead Beyer fashioned herself a ‘lobbyist”. No “relationship” GRMD thinks they built could have any impact without the threat of the work that MCTE was doing. They sought to usurp the efforts of MCTE by co opting the months of tremendous planning for dozens of contingencies in MCTEs legislative plan.

Beyer is far afield from the truth. There are scores of advocates in and out of Annapolis, who actually participated in the successful legislative campaign who can speak truth to fantasy.

Beyer chose NOT to invest in the legitimate campaign to pass the bill, but merely take credit for it and instead invest in a campaign to defeat the champion of the Fairness for All Marylanders Act. Meanwhile the trans community still struggles with homicides, homelessness, unemployment and under-representation in organizations.

Beyer has usurped upon, bullied, co opted, and harassed our communities long enough. Come June 25th when she loses, she should do the right thing, leave Maryland politics and trans advocacy to those capable of empowering and elevating others for the good of us all.

Methinks Rhode Island Avenue (and wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer’s real ‘campaign’?) awaits.  Bullying, co-opting and harassing have always seemed to be the ingredients of transforming a mealy-mouthed fifth column into a ‘made’ trans in the HRCrime Family.

Maybe Gramma Frumpp has reached her expiration date – and maybe Rosa Parks, Jr. is looking to install his own mysteriously-funded trans political underminer to replace Queen Elizabeth III’s.


Who benefits from the Dana Beyer ‘campaign’?

Probably just wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer.

But it damn sure isn’t any trans person other than wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer.

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  1. […] Notably, none of the people Georgina has ever run against have been main sponsors of successful trans rights bills. […]

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