Who Benefits from the Dana Beyer ‘Campaign’? (Part 2)

It still isn’t trans people.

Surprisingly not from The Onion:

Beyer insists her decision to challenge Madaleno is not just about the trans rights bill that O’Malley signed.

She told the Blade she will focus on economic issues, the environment and other progressive issues if voters elect her.

“I’m not running to be the trans senator,” said Beyer. “I’m running to be the senator from District 18 who happens to be a woman, a civil rights leader, trans, intersex, a physician, a surgeon, a writer. I am many, many things and in many respects certainly with respect to being an elected representative, being trans is the least of it.”

Retired‘ Doc Beyer is running to discredit the political viability of all trans people.  The question is: On whose behalf?

In the past I’ve done plenty of questioning of the intentions of the legislative arm of Maryland’s Gay, Inc. – including Madaleno rather recently.  But, the fact is that he came through in 2014 – and there is no rational reason to immediately dump the guy in favor of anyone, much less wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer.

No, I’m not suggesting lifetime political immunity for Madaleno.  When next he comes up for re-election – in 2018 or whenever – judge him in that context.  The guy could eventually do something worthy of being tossed.  But, if wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer is on the ballot then, wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer will still have to come up with a reason that anyone other than wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer should vote for wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer.

I haven’t heard one yet – and I doubt seriously if I or anyone ever will.

Madaleno compared Beyer to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) during a May 29 debate that aired on Montgomery Municipal Cable’s “Political Pulse.” The two also clashed during a District 18 Democratic Breakfast Club forum on Monday.

“She wants to be the person that just makes the big statement that gets attention, but actually spends little time in making the hard decisions about governing,” Madaleno told the Washington Blade in an interview on Tuesday.

I can think of a number of trans people in Maryland whose intelligence and expertise the state’s legislature could benefit from (and one who the state’s judiciary should already be benefiting from.)

But wacky ol’ ‘retired‘ Doc Beyer is none of them.


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