The Question All Legitimate Media Should Ask David Brat…

Brat, an economics professor at Randolph-Macon college, has an especially radical theology to support his right-wing politics. Brat’s CV lists him as a graduate of Hope College, a Christian school in Michigan, and Princeton Theological Seminary, a Presbyterian Church U.S.A. seminary in New Jersey. He claims to be a “fairly orthodox Calvinist,” but several of his published writings expose a unsettling core theology that is centered around lifting up unregulated, free-market capitalism as a morally righteous system that churches should embrace—or else.

and continue to ask until he actually answers: Which do you believe in – christianity or the free market?

But, of course, spineless corporate ‘Democrats’ (the difference between them and Republicans is…..what?) are signaling that they’re A-OK with Brat being de facto unopposed in the general election.

 The Democratic Party is already signaling that they won’t be solidly backing Jack Trammell, the Democratic candidate for Eric Cantor’s old seat after Cantor announced that he won’t run as a write-in candidate.

[T]he DNC immediately began raising money off of Cantor’s defeat, but not for the Virginia race.

Worthless Wall Street shills.

With them as the alternative, christofascism seems….



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