Ann “We Just Want Jews to be Perfected” Coulter Called in by Fox ‘News’ as ‘Expert’ on Eric Cantor’s Defeat

Jewish Eric Cantor’s defeat.

During Bill O’Reilly’s show, which is the highest rated on their network, Fox News made the correct call of cutting away from The Factor to cover the breaking news that Eric Cantor lost his primary election to a Tea Party nobody. Megyn Kelly came on and hosted Bret Baier, Brit Hume, Carl Cameron and Chris Stirewalt, all considered to be their big guns when it comes to election results. While they were in the middle of the discussion and right after Bret Baier discussed the trouble that’s ahead for the Chamber of Commerce after Cantor’s historic loss, Megyn Kelly cut in and made a history breaking announcement all of her own.

Kelly: You have to stand by because I get to say something now that I’ve never…I, I…nare I say no anchor has ever said in the history of anchoring television which is Bret Baier, Chris Stirewalt, Brit Hume, Carl Cameron because I want to go to a phoner with Ann Coulter.

Three of them laughed it off, but Brit Hume was really not amused.


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  1. How much did Ann charge per minute on her 900 line? Did they get a group rate?

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