A Sure Sign That it is (A) Pride Time or (B) Gay, Inc. is Gearing Up to Move Forward on Some Initiative that Screws Trans People

…or (C) both.

What might the sign be?

The end of gay history

The John is revving up his transphobia machine…

And the Gay Inc Lies Begin

…and we all know where that goes.


  1. Jonah Hill & Alec Baldwin, didn’t they catch a lot of flak for using the F word? Didn’t Jonah Hill have to make a tearful mea culpa speech and promise to do better, and is still catching flak?

    Double-standards much, cis gay men?

  2. Hey Wilberforce – you couldn’t pass it without trans people in enda for decades. You couldn’t pass it when you dropped trans people out.

    Yep – must be the people who weren’t in the bill who made it impassable for so many years. Can’t be that straight people haven’t passed the bill; it must be all those trans Senators and Reps sinking ENDA.

    Just to piss you off.

    And it rains because we’re sad.

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