RIP Alan B’Stard, MP


You see, in the good old days, you were poor, you got ill and you died. And yet these days people seem to think they’ve got some sort of God-given right to be cured. And what is the result of this sloppy socialist thinking? More poor people. In contrast, my policies would eradicate poor people, thereby eliminating poverty. And they say that we Conservatives have no heart.


British comedian Rik Mayall dies at 56

The Young Ones was great (“Dear Mister Echo!”), but you haven’t lived until you’ve seen B’Stard, his proto-Paul Ryan (compared to B’Stard, Ayn Rand and her worshippers are flaming socialists; B’Stard’s ultimate legislative goals were to let all sick people die and to reinstitute slavery), ultra-Thatcherite MP in The New Statesman (the TV series, not the magazine), a series also notable for, in addition to featuring one of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton’s sons as an MP even dumber than Michele Bachmann, during its first season featuring the only instance in history of someone transitioning from male to female for fraudulent purposes (and, of course, its as fictional as all of the crap that exterminationist TERFs can’t breathe without imagining.)

I would also mention Drop Dead Fred, but I don’t want to be responsible for anyone showing it to a bored child, thinking that it is actually a kids’ movie.

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