Remember 2011? Remember HB235? The Bill that Trans People in Maryland Were Told Was All that They Deserved?

I think we need to make sure that those who did the telling are reminded of it.



  1. Didn’t Laurel pen name Lurleen of the erasable ink – perhaps just Eraserhead will suffice – move back to Massachusetts?

    Which STILL doesn’t have public accommodations coverage for trans people. Much as some people from Creating Change like to call it the mostest inclusive place evah!!!!!

    Yet – still no health care for trans people either. Unlike Vermont, Connecticut, DC, Oregon, Colorado, Washington – and no way to get there because they don’t have a statewide public accommodations law. And Boston is trying to follow Philly by passing a bill covering its City employees – she really should hide.

    • She’s been hiding for quite some time.. it’s just been behind a sockpuppet…

      • Hide? Someone should Sue.

        • Sounds like someone was nominated for the Longevity in the Movement Award and thought they were talking about constipation. Either way, I don’t give a $#!t…

          Letters to Olivia Records only give way to Letters to the United Nations….

          • Smooth movement – I remember when she wrote that…uh…strident mash note to her state at Bilerico as the place where every LGBT person had full equality (it was really to herself).

            All the while somehow forgetting that trans people still weren’t even covered by the current crippled bill. Then got three shades of entitled pissed off high dudgeon speaking to the great unwashed for someone calling her on it. Before slinking away after embarrassing herself and her org after conducting her education in public.

            At some point it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

            • Funny how NO ONE, inside or outside of the state, advocating for the exclusion of public accommodations for trans protections was anywhere near the finish line, nor openly commented on such a victory and its corresponding strategy in MD.

              Think about that. An entire realm of cisgender folks and non-cisgender folks were lined up to tell local trans Marylanders to STFU and take what you got without a fight. But one trans advocacy group stood firm and resolute against the crescendo of noise obfuscating the truth…

              So I leave this question.

              How did the “community” turn and pivot onto the right track and stay focused and committed to the community owning its voice, protections for all of the community, and a fully comprehensive bill for nearly three year? Three long years?

              Dumb luck I guess…..

              • luck, design, residue etc…..

    • Is it not ironic, and by ironic, I mean convenient, that the SockPuppet is a member of GRMd’s Facebook group?

      Let that one sink in. The SockPuppet told me that in order to be viable, one needs to be a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4. GRMd applied for such (and their current status is dubious at best) and they were out of the picture for the last two years, despite the noise they made.

      But the non-incorporated “uncannily strategic merry band of [IN].. state circus freaks who, heretofore havent been able to organize anything more complex than a Sunday brunch at the local Denny’s” (Quote provided by current GRMd board member) did form the Maryland Coalition for Trans Equality without fiscal sponsorship and relied on the sharing of resources from partnered organizations and carried the ball, the full ball, not for part of the community, in limited areas of protections, but the whole ball of wax, across the goal line….

      So to all the 2011 haters…

      You’re welcome…………..

  2. Thanks to our “uncannily strategic merry band of out of state circus freaks who, heretofore havent been able to organize anything more complex than a Sunday brunch at the local Denny’s”, we now have a fully comprehensive law.

    • That’s really not fair. They wouldn’t be caught dead brunching at Denny’s.

      • Yes, if some of those folks had their way, they would be dead trying to brunch at a Denny’s considering there were no public accommodations protections in their solution (HB235)

    • Who is this Dana Beyer person? She sounds like someone who is about to ‘retire’ from politics.

      • Only if there is a potential $1.65 M payoff involved….

    • Nark McLovin, how’s them words taste? Bitter I bet.

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