Fox ‘News’ Hires Lea DeLaria

Well, not yet.  But clearly DeLaria is auditioning to be a self-loathing liberal/gay/lesbian/whatever who plays puppet to Rupert Murdoch’s master by belching out ‘both sides are equally at fault’ when there is no honest debate possible over the fact that, in fact, only one side is actually causing the problems in question.

Actor, singer and comedian Lea DeLaria will not be performing at the upcoming Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, she tells The Advocate.

After becoming the subject of online criticism for her decision to perform at the MichFest, which refuses entry to trangender women, citing a policy organizers call “womyn born womyn,” DeLaria and her representative reached out to The Advocate to clarify the Orange Is the New Black star’s decision. The out actor, who plays Carrie “Big Boo” Black on the groundbreaking Netflix series that also features trans actress Laverne Cox, made her announcement with characteristic wit.

“After over 30 years of gay activism and as an out, proud member of the LGBTQ Community, I do not wish to be a party to infighting,” DeLaria said in a statement emailed to The Advocate. “We queers need to find a way to stop this fighting and work together towards our common goal.

Fine then, Lea.  Tell the disgusting exterminationists who run the Michigyn Transphobya Festyval to end their hatred of trans women, to end their apartheid, and to apologize openly and profusely for countenancing the murderous mindset of trasmisogyny for the last 40 years…

and give yourself a boot to the head for being stupid and/or dishonest enough to follow that up with “Both sides of the Michigan Women’s Music Festival dispute refuse to listen to each other.”

There is no honest way to get to that claim…

unless she was also pissed off that Martin Luther King, Jr. and George Lincoln Rockwell “refuse[d] to listen to each other.”

“I truly look forward to the time when all LGBTQ stand as one. Perhaps then we can collectively laugh at how fucked up is it when I’M the voice of reason.”

You were a voice of reason when you simply decided to not appear at the Michigyn Transphobya Festyval – but then you decided to defame trans people by asserting that our speaking out against being discriminated against by rabid transphobic bigots (who, we should remember, have no problem attracting lesbian dollars to a state that, if its psychotic right-wing government had its way, would probably decide that Michigan is only for straights-born-straight) is equivalent in any way to the transphobic bigotry itself.


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