Remind Me Again How Many Actual Trans People Actually Work for HRC? And Remind Me Again How Many of them Are Trans Women?

I ask the questions because, on the heels of the now-transparently-all-gay-marriage-all-the-time Human Right Scampaign’s bought-and-paid-for fake history of gay marriage, we have more energy (and, of course, ample, endless supplies of money) being spent by HRC to suck all oxygen out of the civil rights room except that which has already been gulped by Gay Marriage, Inc.

The country’s leading gay rights groups and donors, after a decade focused on legalizing same-sex marriage, are embarking on a major drive to win more basic civil rights and workplace protections in Southern and Western states where the rapid progress of the movement has largely eluded millions of gay men and lesbians.





“We can’t allow two distinct gay Americas to exist,” said Tim Gill, a Colorado philanthropist whose foundation is putting about $25 million into a handful of mostly conservative-leaning states over the next five years.

You mean like Wiskansin, New Hampshuh and New Yowwuk?



“Texas doesn’t recognize gay marriage, and I don’t see that changing,” said [Annise] Parker, [Houston’s] first openly gay mayor. “But people being able to work and pay taxes — it’s a much easier discussion.”

Except, apparently, in Wiskansin, New Hampshuh and New Yowwuk.

“The prevalence of the closet presents a challenge far greater than what we’ve seen in the other regions of the country,” said Chad H. Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, which is opening up field offices in Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas in an effort to build stronger ties to schools, religious institutions and political cultural leaders. “You risk being kicked out of your home. You risk discrimination on the job or being fired. You risk rejection at your place of religious celebration.”

I wonder if Rosa Parks, Jr. is going to make any effort to allow relevantly-qualified trans women to earn a living in any of those field offices?

I also wonder if Rosa Parks, Jr. has any clue that the laws of two of those states recognize the existence of transsexuality?

No, actually I don’t wonder about that.  Even with him having been born in one of them, I know the answer – and so do all of you.

Gay rights leaders are also worried that future court victories could leave gay men and lesbians in some states mired in a legal paradox: They might be free to marry but could still lose their jobs in the 29 states where it remains legal to fire employees for their sexual orientation.


Then maybe they shouldn’t be pushing gay marriage in places that will never – ever – pass gay rights legislation?

You know, like Oklahoma?!?!?!?!?

Just a thought.

The Human Rights Campaign, which is spending $8.5 million and hiring 20 people for its Project One America effort in the South, has conducted extensive research on the day-to-day experiences of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in its three focus states.

20, huh?

To make up for its past crimes, a minimum of half of those new employees should be trans women.  If not, then Rosa Parks, Jr. and his Purple(-n-Yellow) Ponzi Scheme should be given the Donald Sterling treatment.

Half of the remainder should be trans men.

The remaining five – whether LGB or T or even straight – should have no connection whatsoever to D.C., Maryland, New York or Massachusetts.

Failing that (and we all know that HRC is expert in failure), at the very least not a damn one of the new employees in any of the southern states that do recognize the existence of transsexuality (and hint: its more than two!) should be non-trans.  And any current employee of HRC who doesn’t know which states those are should immediately become an ex employee of HRC.

Mr. Gill, who usually shuns interviews, said he was speaking out now to try to persuade others to join the less glamorous state-level advocacy, before a presidential election begins to consume a lot of activists’ time and money.

“I want them to look at the other 29 states where nothing has happened,” Mr. Gill said. “I want them to say, ‘How can we fix this?’ ”

How about looking at Wiskansin, New Hampshuh and New Yowwuk first, eh Tim?




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