Perhaps the Democratic Party Should Sue the National Review for Defamation

From Mother Jones:

On Sunday, National Review ran a blog post originally titled, “Racist Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Is a Democrat.” The post breathlessly noted a handful of contributions he made in the early 1990s to Democratic politicians, including California politician Gray Davis and Sen. Bill Bradley, who had played in the NBA. (Sterling has owned his NBA team since the early 1980s.) The headline has since been changed to “Racist Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Has Only Contributed to Democrats,” with an update reading, “his official party affiliation is not known.”

Except that it now is:

On Sunday, Michael Hiltzik, a Los Angeles Times columnist, tweeted that local voter records show Sterling to be a registered Republican “since 1998.” We followed up on that, and a search of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s website for Sterling’s name, date of birth, and address confirmed that he’s registered as a Republican[.]

Mother Jones somewhat questioned the significance of Sterling’s party affiliation.

Well, I think it does matter – and not just because of the undeniable truism of ‘Not all Republicans are racists, but if you’re a racist you’re most likely a Republican.’

We’re living in an era of fake history so disgusting that even Josef Goebbels would blush.

Just before TMZ let everyone in on the Sterling tape, the world of intellectual honesty was sodomized with Alice Dreger doppelganger Jo Becker’s bought-and-paid-for-by-HRC fake history of the gay marriage movement that people too lazy to double check will, of course, sooner rather than later, believe to be legitimate (you know, just like people have seemingly stopped caring about HRC’s claims as to how many members it has – even after it was conclusively proven to have been lying through its gold teeth by claiming that anyone who has ever given it a dollar was a ‘member’?)

And we’re never more than ten minutes past the latest Republican claim that Martin Luther King was really a Republican and, as such, if he were alive today, would be in favor of Paul Ryan’s insane Ayn Rand-ish economic policies and would oppose anti-discrimination legislation.

So, yeh…

it damn well does matter that an openly adulterous, racist billionaire who likely gets more tax breaks in one second than the average productive citizen (of any race) gets in a lifetime is a registered voting affiliate of a party that, if it had its way, would reinstitute slavery (but not just for blacks), eliminate the right to vote for anyone who doesn’t own real property and bring back legally enforceable sex law from the reign of Elizabeth I.

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