A Time to Kill [UPDATE]

[UPDATE 4/1/2014 – 11:14 AM CDT]

I’m placing the update upfront because it is important – and because of what day today is.

According to the Nebraska Legislature website, there is at least a proposed amendment that would make LB485 legitimate.

No joke.


Probably not legible in this screensnap of the bill’s history page, but the amendment in question is a re-write amendment, AM2111 – which, as of right now is listed only as pending, though the date-stamp is yesterday.  I see nothing indicating that it has been adopted (or, for that matter, rejected.)

PLEASE NOTE that the article I cited in this post said ONLY sexual orientation and the text of the introduced bill contained no trans language.

Stay tuned.


Kill what?

A Barney Frank-style, transphobic, gay-only rights bill in Nebraska.


You know…

Home of a certain twenty-years-dead person whose murder Gay, Inc. will wave when needing to make money even though, had said certain twenty-years-dead person lived, said certain twenty-years-dead person would have almost as little chance of securing gainful employment with Gay, Inc. as I do?

Nebraska lawmakers could get a chance this year to debate a bill that would prohibit employers from discriminating based on sexual orientation.

And LB485 would give non-trans gays, lesbians and bisexuals the special right to discriminate against trans people.

This bill must be amended so as to make it legitimate – or the bill must die.

No more Wisconsins.

No more New Yorks.

No more New Hampshires.

No more Marylands.

Contact Nebraska legislators now.  Tell them to amend the bill to make it legitimate and tell them that any organization supporting it which claims to be ‘LGBT‘ is lying.


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