GLAAD: Even More Worthless Than HRC?

On the website of the publication that used to be The Advocate, one can see the problem:


So, lets see…

  • CIS gay man?  Check!
  • An issue that directly affects trans people?  Check!
  • CIS gay man admitting that the issue in no way affects him personally or gay men in general?  Check!
  • CIS gay man telling trans people to STFU and get over it?  Check!

To bastardize Slim Pickens: Shoot, a fella could have a pretty good weekend in DuPont Circle with all that transphobia…

and then get a job on Rhode Island Avenue when the meth wears off.

Now, to be fair, that passage from the comment section in and of itself doesn’t implicate GLAAD (besides, I’d be willing to bet that there is more equal-sign-festooned crap in Mr. Whatevs’ closet than anything else.)

This, however, does:

Speaking out against certain words is only one part of creating a safer and more just world for trans people.

Of course.

There has to be a whole heapin’ helpin’ of paycheck-cashin’ too.

Culture-changing work is a marathon, not a sprint. The specific details of GLAAD’s work with the media are not always visible, but our commitment to fair and accurate representations of trans people in news and entertainment media is unwavering.

I really don’t think you have to be anywhere close to as cynical as I am to come to the conclusion that that sounds just a weeeeeeeeeeeeee bit too much like Queen Elizabeth III‘s proto-Chris Christie self-absolving of HRC circa 1999, remember?

I think that the Human Rights Campaign has done as much if not more on transgender issues than most other national [ gay and lesbian ] organizations. If you really look at the actual work.

As for GLAAD?

We hope you will join us in our other current campaigns to help the first trans woman perform at Carnegie Hall, end discrimination against trans women at Crossfit, and bring mainstream media attention to the Trans 100.

Actually, I hope that you’ll put some muscle into ending discrimination against trans women by Gay, Inc. (and you might start by opening your books to acknowledge which ones GLAAD itself has discriminated against in the past – and at whose behest.)

Oh yeh…

“GLAAD board cochair and best-selling author Jennifer Finney Boylan expressed mixed feelings” about all of it and the item on the website of what used to be The Advocate quotes vomitously from it.

The less said about it – or quoted from it – the better.

Regina Kleinzeller’s comment, however, is worth presenting in full – and ending this post with:

The reason GLAAD did its “advocacy” work in private is because they didn’t want to upset the cis gay men who give it donations and attend its moneymaking functions. If this incident (and the way the show has repeatedly doled out offensive terms towards trans women) happened to the gay community, they’d be making a big, mainstream stink about it. Sorry Ms. Boylan, having you and Marci Bowers on the board and a trans man on the staff doesn’t mean trans people are “running” GLAAD. They’ve done this to the trans community in past to the point where people who made highly transphobic statements were even given ‘awards’ at the various GLAAD fundraisers. I’m sick and tired of this garbage being praised as “generating dialog” and “helping trans visibility.” Kissing RuPaul’s and WOW’s behind and tiptoeing around their non-apology just shows how stilted an organization GLAAD is and how little you really listen to the trans community.


  1. Soooo…..they’re not concerned over how the show is objectifying cis women’s bodies also?

    That both seem to exist just for ridicule to Ru?

    There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of love there for femaleness – just a need to ridicule what they spend so very much time emulating.

    Perhaps for many, a way of saying that their huge investment in the behavior doesn’t really say something about them. Even if they spend countless hours, give up college, give up other career paths, alter their bodies with diet, exercise, electrology and cosmetic surgery to “perfect their craft” – it has nothing to do with any internal desires.

    They’re just normal gay guys crossdressing for work – Like the majority of gay guys do for work?

    No denial, no internalized transphobia an/or misogyny leading them to act like a Rev Haggard or Larry Craig describing gay people at a Southern Baptist Convention……..

    That’s why they have no investment in the issue of transphobic or misogynistic language or presentations in media being decried as offensive. They have so much more to say……….it’s not personal for them and wouldn’t cause any of them to lose 90% of their material.

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