The Retiring Mind Which Thinks That 8 is Greater Than 15 (Or, The Curious Case of the Curious Candidate Giving Curious Thanks)

A certain ‘retired’ physician, prior to giving thanks to Free State Just Us-ers Dan Furmansky and Morgan Menesses-Sheets, asserted:

The state of Maryland has finally joined the civilized world of equality, passing the Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination bill and sending it to the governor for his signature. After eight long years, with little support during six of those years from a community primarily focused on same-sex relationship recognition and marriage equality, the inherent decency of the Democratic Party came to the fore and the job got done.


My calendar says that the current year is 2014.

Apparently the calendars of the curious retiree who is running the curious campaign says that the current year is only 2007…

because 2007 is eight years after trans people were thirty-pieces-of-silvered out of the 1999 effort to pass civil rights legislation in Maryland, a diseased, immoral status quo which held firm in 2001 when Free State Just Us finally successfully managed to ramrod through the ‘civil rights’ law that gave non-trans LGBs in Maryland the special right to discriminate against Maryland trans people.

In 1999, Free State Just Us hack Liz Seaton was earning her bones for her later consecration as an HRC flack for 2001 (curiously, she seems to be one of the few Free State Just Us-ers that the curious candidate didn’t genuflect in the general direction of) by claiming:


We have a real opportunity, but we must seize it now! As executive director of the Free State Justice Campaign, I’ll be lobbying for our community in Maryland.

2014 is 15 years after the pre-millennium, crab-flavored thirty-pieces-of-silvering – and thirteen after Liz’s post-Free State Just Us employer declared that, with non-trans LGBs in Maryland having the special right to discriminate against Maryland trans people, somehow discrimination actually ceased to exist.

So why would a curious candidate curiously seem to be curiously saying that only the most recent eight years are worth noting?

Well, as I saw someone observe on Facebook, the curious chronology:

discounts the work folks like Alyson Meiselman and Jessica Xavier did in the late 90s, the efforts to have gender identity in the 2001 bill, and anchors this effort to her timeline.

Curious indeed.

Maybe the curious candidate has a bit of myopia.

I bet a non-retired eye doctor could help with that.

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