But What About the Bilderbergers and the Tri-Lateral Commission?

From Right Wing Watch:

Scott Lively: Gays Are Foot Soldiers in Marxist/Freemason Plot To Impose New World Order

You can’t make this shit up.

That’s right…

You can’t.

Clearly however, he can.  Lively is pulling it out of his ass (and probably every other orifice.)

My point is that, in the insanity game, none of you can compete with that kind of insanity.



  1. “The sodomy laws should be in place and lightly enforced,” he said. “That’s what people don’t understand. The reason you have things like sodomy criminalized is not so you can go and break down people’s doors – we hardly ever did that when we had the sodomy laws in this country – but when you have them in the law, that means that the people that are advocating those things cannot go into the schools for example and teach it to the kids, they cannot advocate criminal behavior.

    “What that means is, you can allow subcultures of people who are breaking the law to do it discreetly and leave them alone. But then when they get too out of hand, you have a tool to be able to stop them.”

    – Scott Lively

    So my impression from this evidence is that it’s pretty likely that Scott Lively is a closeted homosexual…

    Pretty likely, yeah.

    – bonzie anne

  2. The worst thing for people like him to imagine, is that there’s some conspiracy out there ….that he’s not part of. That people are just like him, only doing it better.

    And, they are Scotty, they are.

  3. I just hope that Lively doesn’t discover our secret trans junta that has direct ties to the Trilateral commission, the Illuminati, the Gnomes of Zurich, and the entire DuPont and Rothschild clans.

    This one knows too much. What say ye? Should we send forth the flying monkey armor to silence this Outsider who has penetrated our deepest mysteries with nothing more than his imagination and some idiot reporter’s live microphone?

  4. BTW, Scott’s wrong about us being footsoldiers in a Marxist/Freemason Plot To Impose a New World Order; we’re the CAVALRY.

    • … and if I am to be drafted into the Order of Battle here, I guess there’s got to be a component of “Airhead Cavalry?”

      … hmmm.

      most sincerely,
      – barmy anne blayk

      • That’s fine, my only worry is that I’ll lose the coin toss and have to work the back half of the horse costume again.

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