Hey! Jared Leto! You’re a CIS Male Who Has Just Cashed In By Perpetuating Some of the Worst Stereotypes of Trans Women – What Are You Going to Do Now? Go to Disney World?


No, he’s just going to aid and abet Gay, Inc.’s ‘all gay marriage, all the time’ agenda – which, of course, has the wonderful (and, as we all know, intended) collateral consequence of erasing trans issues (along with ENDA in any form) from any and all substantive discussions of, well, everything.

As recently observed on Facebook:

The current poster child of transmisogyny being foisted upon the community by media sources, is now the poster child for marriage … coincidence?

Methinks not.



  1. well, you can take comfort in the crappy looking poster they saddled him with. there is still someone who believe in you? was the proofreader on vacation?

  2. Such a sensitive soulful hipster. I believe that is the exact same expression he had the time the wind carried off his fedora.

    • He best not raise his feet then…………

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