Yeh – Just Like it Did from 1492 to 1964

From Think Progress:

A Republican lawmaker in South Dakota believes that businesses should be able to deny services to African Americans, gay people, or anyone else who offends their religious beliefs.

Phil Jensen, who the Rapid City Journal describes as the state’s most conservative senator, argues that the government should get out of the way and allow the free market to shut down discriminatory businesses. Last session, he introduced a measure that would have allowed employers to turn away undesirable clients without any legal repercussions:

“It’s a bill that protects the constitutional right to free association, the right to free speech and private property rights,” he said.

Jensen goes so far as to say that businesses should have the right to deny service based on a customer’s race or religion – whether that’s right or wrong, he says, can be fairly addressed by the free market….


Having never heard of St. Phil of Free Market Delusions before this, I don’t know for sure if he’s a hypocrite – as in not being willing to let people make decisions for themselves about who to sleep with and what to smoke – though I doubt seriously if he’s ever lifted a finger to keep government out of the morality business.

If someone was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and they were running a little bakery for instance, the majority of us would find it detestable that they refuse to serve blacks, and guess what? In a matter of weeks or so that business would shut down because no one is going to patronize them,” he said.


In a state that, as of 10 years ago was 89.64% white and 1.17% African-American (and, which, I can’t imagine has seen a massive influx of African-Americans since then)?

On the other hand, maybe I was wrong about his lack of libertarianism as to smoke-ables – because if he isn’t clinically delusional, he’s ferociously high.


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  1. If the hard numbers of the free market set were really what they claim that they are, then how come the dominant world religion isn’t Hinduism and the dominant economic ideology Communism? The numbers, after all, never lie!

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