“Why doesn’t outrage over Arizona translate to ENDA support?”

That’s what Queer Channel Media asks.

Here is what I answer:  Because those who have succeeded in worming their way into the permanent employment class of do-nothing sloths that is Gay, Inc. have no need or use for ENDA – meaning that even non-partnered LGBTs in states that will never have state ENDAs get told that gay marriage for the elite gays and lesbians of Chevy Chase, Maryland and McLean, Virginia will solve the economic and social injustices faced by working-class LGBTs in Jackson, Mississippi and Beaumont, Texas – which makes sense…

in the same way that invading Iraq to ‘get’ those who perpetrated 9/11 made sense.

Does anyone else find it ironic that Cheney’s Iraq War and the Goodridge decision both came down in 2003?


1 Comment

  1. Because people with portable closets don’t give a rat’s ass about those of us who don’t have the luxury.

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