Memo to the Point Foundation

If you have a question on an application form asking about experiences with being marginalized and you don’t want to hear how an applicant and those like her have been marginalized by Gay, Inc., then you should damn well say so up front…

or, at the very least, you should rename your organization ‘The Ostritch Foundation’


Abbott = Nugent = Racist = Abbott

Any questions?

For Those Who Think that Sir Humphrey Apppleby is Dead

Wake up.

There’s a Shadow Govt. Running the Country, and It’s Not Up for Re-Election

Power centers in DC and the corporate corridors of Manhattan and Silicon Valley are calling the shots.

Sir Humphrey is not dead; he just moved to America – and he now works for corporations rather than the civil service.

Fact: If You’re a Worker, Republicans Hate You

Legend has it that, at some point in 1965, a person who had voted for losing Republican candidate Barry Goldwater in the 1964 presidential election said, “I was told that if I voted for Goldwater, we’d be at war in six months.  Well, I did – and by god we were!”

Now, meet Republican Tennessee Senator Bob Corker:

Last Friday, Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga voted against having UAW represent them.  This was a shock to many because initially the workers supported it.  By Friday, Sen. Bob Corker, State Sen. Bo Watson and Rep. Gerald McCormick’s threats and intimidation caused the workers to worry they might be responsible for shutting the plant down or not having it expand by manufacturing the new SUV.

Corker was smug and gleeful.  After the vote, he told the Media:

“Needless to say, I am thrilled for the employees at Volkswagen and for our community and its future.”

Corker may be thrilled, but VW and many others are disappointed by his interference and fear-mongering.  From Reuters: VW workers may block southern US deals, if no unions

“I can imagine fairly well that another VW factory in the United States, provided that one more should still be set up there, does not necessarily have to be assigned to the south again,” said Bernd Osterloh, head of VW’s works council.

So, five decades after the Johnson-Goldwater joke, we will have another joke: Bob Corker, a psychotic, rabid Republican who hates unions so much he’s willing to fight them even when the company in question wants the union to represent its workers and even if it costs more jobs in the long run than his fearmongering claimed that unionization would cost.

Now, VW workers who did vote to unionize will be able to say, “I was told that if I voted to unionize, the south would lose VW jobs.  Well, I did and by god the south is going to!”

I know…

If you’re one of the people in the south who would have gotten one of those jobs that Bob Corker has helped to ensure won’t come to the south, that’s really not all that funny.

Neither was  the Vietnam War.

Or would you rather be a duck?

“When you’re a member of the fraternity of money, it can be hard to see past the foie gras to the real world.”

Kevin Roose, at New York Magazine, does something I didn’t think would be possible: He exposes people making a joke about Barney Frank that is so disgusting that even I feel compelled to take up for St. Barney.

Not surprisingly, of course, the people that Roose is exposing are the Wall Street billionaire criminals who are deluded enough to compare themselves to the Jews who were on the short end of kristalknacht.

Its a long read – but essential for a real understanding of who America’s true parasites are.

In Denton, the Marriage is Strong

You know, this marriage.

“We don’t have to question Greg Abbott’s courage – because he invited me here today,” Nugent told the crowd at El Guapo’s restaurant in Denton. The two were scheduled to appear again later in Wichita Falls.

Nugent called Abbott “the epitome of what our founding fathers wanted as a representative of ‘we the people,'” and said Abbott has an understanding of individual rights and has fought “the enemies of these freedoms.” He introduced Abbott as “my friend” and “my blood brother.”

Abbott called Nugent “a fighter for freedom in this country.”

Okay, I won’t question his courage.

But I will question his decency, mmmmmmmmmmmkay?

Just Married

No, not me silly.

Rather, christianist Republican Texas gubernatorial contender Greg Abbott and…

Democrats fired Monday on Attorney General Greg Abbott‘s decision to have Ted Nugent at campaign events, with some calling on the Republican candidate for governor to cancel the appearances.

The pair is expected in Denton and Wichita Falls on Tuesday.

Critics are showcasing incendiary comments [NOTE: Naturally, the Republican-leaning Houston Chronk won’t include the specifics, namely that Nugent called President Obama a “sub-human mongrel“] the rocker and gun-rights advocate has made about President Barack Obama and women officeholders including Hillary Clinton, and his startling proposals for immigrants who come here illegally.

“Ted Nugent disrespects a large number of Texans. It is embarrassing that Greg Abbott thinks it is appropriate to appear with Ted Nugent,” said Bo Delp, spokesman for Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis‘ campaign for governor.

Well, no, not legally married.

Rather politically married.

As the Burnt Orange Report observes:

There are many types of Republicans, but there are also two types of Republicans: those who embrace full-blown, loathing lunacy like Ted Nugent’s and those who don’t. Unfortunately, there are far more of the former category — and Greg Abbott is a happy member.

And its up to us to make sure that no one forgets it.