Pre-Saturday Prognostication

Prediction 1: When Saturday Night Live comes back this week after the break for the Olympics, it will have a ‘Piers Morgan gets fired’ sketch (probably as the cold opening.)

Prediction 2: The sketch will either refer to or feature Janet Mock.

Prediction 3: Mock will not be portrayed by Sasheer Zamata, but rather by either Keenan Thompson or Jay Pharoah.

Off base?

Morgan supposedly lost his prime-time spot because the ratings for his show suck, but he never had a consistently large audience, so pinning the blame on low audience numbers is an incomplete picture of what happened. The New York Times‘ David Carr has a weird nationalistic take on what he thinks went down, blaming the show’s cancellation on Morgan’s infatuation with soccer and gun regulation. And while I don’t doubt Morgan received tons of backlash for his stance on gun control, the show wasn’t cancelled in the midst of his post-Sandy Hook rants, but rather after his run in with organized activists on Twitter following his abysmal interview with transgender activist Janet Mock.

Sure, one or more the predictions might not come true.

But they’re not far fetched.

SNL is the show, after all, that brought us EstroMaxx.

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  1. Other people have a different take on why Piers didn’t make it here:

    Wrong Kind Of Brit-

    I’m not sure I can adequately explain it, but Piers Morgan isn’t the right kind of Brit to dazzle Americans (

    He’s just sort of gross and arrogant and smarmy, not erudite and charming. Rather than the “Brit bonus” (he got the opposite. This was not the Brit we were expecting.
    by Atrios at 16:41

    But if they want to say trans people are that mighty – I’m OK with that.

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