HRC – And the ‘C’ is for ‘Con-Artists’

I rarely find the opportunity to favorably quote The Joe.  An exception:

As JMG readers know, I get regular, often multiple daily press releases from all of the major LGBT rights groups when there’s big breaking news. Unless I’ve missed something, there has not been one response from any of these organizations in the 24 hours since the Arizona legislature voted to legalize anti-gay discrimination. I’ve gotten zero outraged press releases and there’s basically nothing about Arizona on the websites of the Human Rights Campaign, AFER, Lambda Legal, NCLR, the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Freedom To Marry, or GLAAD.  Yesterday HRC did tweet out a link to five-sentence blog post and the Task Force today retweeted somebody else’s message to contact Gov. Jan Brewer. But that’s it, as far I can I tell.

To be fair, what happened in Arizona isn’t exactly on-mission for some of these groups – but they have been eager to stray in the past.

As one of The Joe’s commenters remarked:

They’ll probably let bloggers and the grass roots do all the work and then swoop in and take credit.

That’s kind of the HRC way

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