Just Married

No, not me silly.

Rather, christianist Republican Texas gubernatorial contender Greg Abbott and…

Democrats fired Monday on Attorney General Greg Abbott‘s decision to have Ted Nugent at campaign events, with some calling on the Republican candidate for governor to cancel the appearances.

The pair is expected in Denton and Wichita Falls on Tuesday.

Critics are showcasing incendiary comments [NOTE: Naturally, the Republican-leaning Houston Chronk won’t include the specifics, namely that Nugent called President Obama a “sub-human mongrel“] the rocker and gun-rights advocate has made about President Barack Obama and women officeholders including Hillary Clinton, and his startling proposals for immigrants who come here illegally.

“Ted Nugent disrespects a large number of Texans. It is embarrassing that Greg Abbott thinks it is appropriate to appear with Ted Nugent,” said Bo Delp, spokesman for Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis‘ campaign for governor.

Well, no, not legally married.

Rather politically married.

As the Burnt Orange Report observes:

There are many types of Republicans, but there are also two types of Republicans: those who embrace full-blown, loathing lunacy like Ted Nugent’s and those who don’t. Unfortunately, there are far more of the former category — and Greg Abbott is a happy member.

And its up to us to make sure that no one forgets it.


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