The D.C.-Based White Gay Male Human Joke Machine

a/k/a The John (apologies to the late Morey Amsterdam):


Visceral longstanding hatred…

Is The John just now reading all of the trans reactions to him (and the other transphobes who he was defending) from back in 2007?

On a more serious note: If The John is breaking out the ‘trans people hate gays’ mantra o’ defamation now, then its a good bet that something politically on the east coast is moving forward that he and Gay, Inc., are trying to make sure gets sabotaged as to any benefit for trans people.  I’ll continue to point The John’s transphobia out for the record, but try not to get distracted by this shiny object that he’s dangling.

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  1. Shouldn’t that be with apologies to Chaka Khan?

    John’s every woman (gay). A justified visceral relation to his longstanding actions is – by the transitive property – applicable to every gay man.

    It comes back to age old question. Is he evil, or stupid? At least we’ve learned that it’s not an either or question.

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