DC-Based, Non-Trans White Gay Guy Who Thinks No Gays Have Ever Gotten Rich Off of (Trans-Erasive) Gay Activism Gaysplains How African-American Trans Woman Janet Mock is Just Too Uppity for Polite Company

From, of course, The John:


Decide for yourself whether The John should be vilified for having his site set up to where a paid ad like that could (even if randomly) end up overshadowing an image of Janet Mock (or anyone else for that matter.)

I just watched Morgan’s 15-minute interview with Mock, which I’ve posted below, and it was easily the most pro-transgender interview that I’ve ever seen.

Well, I’m sure he considers AmericaBlog to be pro-transgender as well – so we know what The John’s expert opinion is worth.

Naturally, The John’s Bleech Chorus of we-who-know-how-things-must-be-because-we-say-we’re-the-ones-who-know-how-things-must-be was all orgasmic at the thought of being able to fill up another comments section at The John’s site with gems such as this one:

Not sure what there is to see here other than she’s trying to sensationalize herself and sell books.

Because no non-trans gay man or lesbian has eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever done that, eh?



  1. The Gay & Lesbian folks who hate on trans women have been making hay out of the Piers Morgan show’s Janet Mock appearances, but if a gay man had gone on Piers Morgan’s program to talk about his autobiography and Morgan had spent the entire interview talking about bathroom hookups and anal, Americablog would have HOWLED.

    And I cannot even imagine the crystal-shattering shouts of outrage that would come from the various #whitewomansolidarity-style blogs had a cis lesbian guest appeared on Piers Morgan’s program to discuss her autobiography if all he wanted to talk about was fisting and dildos.

    But the Gay & Lesbian Transbashingsphere is outraged, OUTRAGED I TELL YOU, that Janet Mock made a few mildly critical comments about having HER autobiographical book tour interview turn into a salacious “Look how pretty ‘she’ is! AND ‘SHE’ USED TO BE A BOY-BOY-BOY!!! SEXAY! OR GROSS! YOU DECIDE!!!” piece of tabloid-level trash.

    #fuckcispeople. Srsly. #diecisscum

  2. […] DC-Based, Non-Trans White Gay Guy Who Thinks No Gays Have Ever Gotten Rich Off of (Trans-Erasive) Ga… […]

  3. It likely IS the most pro-transgender interview he’s ever heard. He’s either tuned out, turned off or wouldn’t watch something more attuned in the first place. He probably thinks the comments at his site and towelie road are compassionate, well reasoned and welcoming as well.

    And that the lack of trans voices there is mystifying giving his beneficence and all he’s done to encourage respect for trans woman in particular – not at all like him to refer to people in language that if similar language were used for say gay men he’d have a hissy fit (like say “what do I have in common with people who chop of their dicks?” – he could have stole that straight from Bryan Fischer).

    But – let’s be honest here – he’s not exactly the sort to watch Melissa Harris Perry either. Where it’s a certainty he would have heard much more pro-trans interviews quite often. It’s fairly clear from his interactions that listening to and learning from woman of certain backgrounds is a stretch for him.

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