So John Elway Doesn’t Believe in Safety Nets, Eh?

I assume he does believe in safety.

Or, maybe, as of this writing, he actually thinks his team is only losing the Super Bowl 6-0.

But seriously…

John Elway, Jr. says he’s a Republican because he doesn’t believe in safety nets.

I won’t mention the degree to which his NFL franchise had the ‘safety net’ of having the public pick up most of the tab for the stadium it calls home.

That would be piling on.

This, however, is essential:

His father was John Elway, Sr. – better known as Jack Elway – a longtime football coach.

Junior was born in 1960, when Senior coached at a high school in Washington.  From then until 1983 – when Junior was drafted out of Stanford by the Colts (that’s trivia question material) – Senior was always a public employee, coaching at Grays Harbor College (a junior college), the University of Montana, Washington State University, Cal State Northridge and San Jose State.  (Oh, and for the entire time that Junior played his home games there, old Mile High Stadium was owned operated by the City and County of Denver.)

Any bets as to how long it is before an interview surfaces in which Junior claims to be a self-made man?


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