‘Progress’ in New York Was Gays and Lesbians Saying ‘No’ to Christine Quinn

And progress in Maryland will be trans people saying no to ‘retired eye surgeon’ Dana Beyer.

Gender Rights Maryland Executive Director Dana Beyer on Thursday announced she will challenge incumbent state Sen. Rich Madaleno (D-Montgomery County) in the 2014 Democratic primary.

“We are ready for progress,” said Beyer in a statement that announced her candidacy. “For too long, hardworking Marylanders have waited for economic fairness and equal opportunity. We have asked our elected officials to help bring better jobs to our neighborhoods, build stronger schools for our children, fix our roads and infrastructure and make quality health care an affordable reality.”

“We are ready to move forward, and that’s why I’m declaring my candidacy for the Maryland Senate,” continued Beyer.

Yes, and I want the Maryland legislature to undo the political hate crime that it committed against trans people in 2001.

Do I really have confidence in Madaleno?

I can’t have confidence in anyone inside or outside of the legislative process who had any hand – active or passive – in allowing gay marriage to be ramrodded ahead of basic civil equality for trans people, so the answer is ‘no.’

But even a ‘retired eye surgeon’ should have had enough math training to know that zero is not as low as one can go.

With Beyer, zero is just the beginning and the bottom is nowhere in sight.

Yes, we need trans legislators – and we need them in Maryland.

But we do not need Dana Beyer.


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  2. Katrina – as I hope you know, you have my respect and gratitude for all your work. If you say something, I can usually take it to the bank.

    I disagree here, on this issue. Quite possibly the first time I’ve ever disagreed on anything you’ve ever said re Maryland politics..

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