The Toronto Transphobia Triple-Down

The mayor of Toronto is no longer the scummiest person in Canada’s largest city.


I had, and have, no reason to doubt the claims of the reader who sent the letter — but I can’t prove it, and those who claim it was a hoax can’t prove that, either. All I know is that I stand by the answer offered.

I regret, and deeply resent, that my column has been so egregiously misused.

Yes, with that, infamous Chris Farley impersonator Rob Ford was dethroned by Ken Gallinger.

those who claim it was a hoax can’t prove that, either.


Cristan Williams did.

Quite conclusively.

Since Gallinger wasn’t willing to fact check any of these claims, I contacted every Toronto YMCA with a pool and guess what?

No complaint or even rumor of anything like this exists in Toronto area YMCAs. Every Toronto area YMCA was shocked to learn that an unsubstantiated claim like this was propagated by the Toronto Star. Every Toronto area YMCA confirmed that nobody had made any complaint concerning anything even remotely similar to the claim made in the Toronto Star.

The claim is a hoax.


Who are we to believe?

A trans woman who goes to the trouble researching into whether the anonymous claim about an unidentified trans woman – a claim which smells of ‘cut and paste’ from both christianist and radphlegm anti-trans scripts – has even the slightest grounding in reality?  Or a guy who perpetrates an ‘ethics’ column and inflicts it upon readers who are expected to believe that “All questions come from real readers” even though the same ‘ethics’ columnist follows that pronouncement with the caveat, “Seven years ago, when we started this adventure, I had to “prime the pump” with made-up queries”?

The woman who who has not admitted to perpetrating a fraud because she has not perpetrated a fraud?  Or the ‘ethics’ columnist who has admitted that he has perpetrated a fraud but really, really, really, really, really wants everyone to believe that he now no longer does such things?

I even received a note from a Toronto police officer asking, very politely it must be said, to know the “when, where and who” of the incident. As someone who pays speeding tickets 10 days before due, I experience such a request, even politely proffered, as mildly threatening.

Wanna know how scummy Ken Gallinger is?  He’s forcing me to do something that I never do: defend a cop.

Yes, there has never, ever, ever, ever been a proven case of what Gallinger’s fake complainer complained of, but cops do have a job – you know, being cops.  If they get such a complaint, it isn’t unreasonable for them to at least lift a finger to see if the complaint is legit – if for no other reason than to investigate as to whether the complaint is fraudulent.

An ‘ethics’ columnist unleashes a story upon the world via the pages of the newspaper which allows him to claim to be qualified to author an ‘ethics’ column…

A story which, if true as described, could constitute a crime…

And a cop who gets wind of the alleged fact pattern asks about the alleged facts…

And does so politely?

And the po’ pi’ful ‘ethics’ columnist feels threatened?

Memo to Ken: Why don’t you ask CeCe McDonald about what it feels like to actually be threatened?

Failing that, why don’t you hang out with Rob Ford and do crack with him?

That would be stupid, obnoxious, unhealthy, yadda yadda yadda….

But it would be far more ethical than what you’re doing in the pages of the Toronto Star.


  1. I can’t verify the source. It’s an anonymous report.
    I can’t support the allegation with a shred of evidence.
    Fact checking demonstrates conclusively that the incident did not happen at the places reported. Interviews with staff that can be verified independently by this “reporter” exist.

    He chooses to ignore this and appeal to himself as an authority.


    This should definitely be referred to the Columbia Journalism Review for a case study.

  2. I wish I could call this “pathetic,” but no… it’s just disgusting.

    How hard can it be to acknowledge an error?

    If you’re a faux ethicist, I guess that’s impossible: the first chink in your façade may lead to… total collapse.

    If you’re a trans-exterminationist… ditto, for bullshit “science” and fraudulent “ethics” a la Raymond and the Dominionists are at the heart of that enterprise.

    So how can one tell them apart? It’s a challenge, and I guess I’m tempted to assume the worst.

    • How hard can it be to acknowledge an error?

      Ask Bil Browning and John Aravosis.

      But don’t expect to get an answer.

  3. […] The Toronto Transphobia Triple-Down […]

  4. […] The Toronto Transphobia Triple-Down […]

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