Toronto’s Scar

Cristan Williams at TransAdvocate, detailing how the Toronto Star is doing the work of right-wing radphlegms for them by employing the American gay male blog ‘its not my job’ mindset when it comes to giving a damn about whether the transphobic defamation it spews has even the slightest grounding in reality:

I want to introduce a debate tactic well-known to the Internet, but perhaps not so well known to print media: Strawman Sockpuppetry. That’s when one inserts an inept voice into a debate to argue against one’s own position. This false flag tactic creates the illusion that the debate position held by one’s opponent is ridiculous.

After Gallinger’s problematic story was printed, those who stand against trans equality came out of the woodwork to publicly gnash their teeth at the supposed absurdity of trans equality… With the help of the Star’s own editorial staff. After the Star was notified that Gallinger’s story was predicated upon a hoax, the Star nevertheless published a letter to the editor decrying the absurdity of trans equality as evidenced by Gallinger’s story. The Star editorial staff made no mention that the entire story was fake. Instead, they printed a letter titled “Trans rights trump women’s rights” using the original title of Gallinger’s article:



Gee – where have I heard that term before?

Oh yeh…


Meanwhile, back at the Canadian ranch:

The Toronto Star has published this claim – without noting that the claim is a hoax, or at the very least is an anonymous and unverified claim – twice now. Twice the editorial staff saw fit to proffer – as plausible – the highly questionable, anonymous, unsubstantiated and contested claim that sex crimes are taking place at the YMCA. In what other context would such editorial behavior be tolerated? In what way does this behavior resemble the professional standard the Star publicly professes?

Does the Toronto Star have a bug infestation?

And, if so, does the Star even realize it?

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