Hey Kids! Its Time for an Experiment!

It take a bit of doing to set up, but follow these instructions:

  • When next you’re driving in New Jersey and see an ambulance travelling with its lights and siren on, hit the gas.
  • Speed up and pass the ambulance.
  • Then cut it off.
  • Block it from passing you and then slow down, forcing it to slow down (think Steven Spielberg’s Duel – only in rotting suburbia instead of the Mojave Desert).
  • Then angle your car to impede any vehicle from passing – and then kill your engine.

Now, here’s the actual experiment: Calculate the difference between how long it takes you to be arrested and criminally charged and how long Christie’s Cronies™ have gone thus far without facing criminal charges for the Fort Lee incident.* **  ***

* Bonus points if someone in the ambulance you impede dies.

** Still more bonus points if you’re non-white and the cops who do arrest you are white.

*** Definitely not endorsed by Bill Nye the Science Guy (or, for that matter, even the guy that Bob Newhart played on The Big Bang Theory.)


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