A Job Probably Awaits Her at HRC (Assuming She Hasn’t Already Been Given One)

Katherine Timpf reminds us:

  • Rachael Sacks wrote in an article that people jealous of her money could ‘fuck off’
  • She claimed the LGBT community would have made her look ‘sympathetic’ had the media had covered her homosexuality

To be fair, Sacks does appear to have been quite observant as to how sycophantic Gay, Inc. is toward anyone, however, disconnected to LGBT reality, who (1) has a buttload of money; (2) has, at least to some degree, gotten/kept the buttload of money by being either ultra-closeted or being ‘open-secret’-ive about being gay; and (3) suddenly develops a reason for wanting the media to know about the person’s apparent non-heterosexuality.

But she also appears to think that Gay, Inc. has any connection whatsoever to the LGBT people of the same economic class that she orgasmically deficated upon with her ‘fuck off’ piece.

A self-proclaimed “rich” New York college student who told poor people jealous of her money to “fuck off” is slamming the media for not covering her homosexuality, claiming the LGBT community would have defended her and she would have appeared more sympathetic.

“While my sexuality is irrelevant to the topic of my article, it still is part of who I am and should not be ignored,” 20-year-old Rachael Sacks wrote in an article in Thought Catalog, citing pictures on her Facebook profile and Pride flags in the window of her apartment as evidence of her “obvious homosexuality.”

“The LGBT community now has so much influence in social media that articles would have been written defending me for standing up for my views and attacking those bullying me,” she wrote on Dec. 30. “It would have been easier to frame me as a sympathetic person instead of attacking my appearance, my family, and other irrelevant things.”

Rachael Sacks posted this photo to her Facebook profile with the caption “hiya haterz.”

She probably supported Christine Quinn…

and would appear to be sufficiently clueless as to believe that Quinn was just inauguated as New York City’s mayor.


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