Yeh, I’ll Go There

The John – on the Vikings:

Former Minnesota Vikings football player Chris Kluwe claims that he was let go from the Vikings because he is pro-gay.

Kluwe is himself straight, but has been outspoken in his defense of gay rights in general, and marriage equality in particular.

In a blockbuster op ed, Kluwe alleges ramptant homophobia among the Vikings coaches, including one coach who allegedly said gays should be rounded up and mass-murdered.  Kluwe adds that the Minnesota Vikings’ owner was supportive of him, but it clearly didn’t save him his job.  When push came to shove, Kluwe was fired – where was the owner then?

When push comes to shove, where are all of the allegedly trans-supportive employees and BoD members of Gay, Inc. tentacles when it comes to not discriminating against trans people – particularly trans women – in the employment practices of said Gay, Inc. tentacles?

Among the examples of homophobia that Kluwe alleges, he says he was told by head coach Leslie Frazier that he “needed to be quiet, and stop speaking out on this stuff” – referring to gay civil rights.

You mean like trans people are told that we “need[] to be quiet, and stop speaking out on this stuff” – referring to substantive, non-incremental inclusion of trans people and issues?

You know…

Like you did in 2007?


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