Insert George Kennedy’s Most Notable Line from ‘Thunderbolt and Lightfoot’ Here

…you know, the one he utters in response to pistachio critique whilst sitting in an ice cream truck.

A&E ‘suspending’ duck dude but still running a marathon of dumb duck episodes is like A-Roid being suspended yet, every time his place in the batting order comes up, a re-run of one of his previous at-bats is played and the result of it counted in the game being played.


99 Years Ago


Per a recent summary, seen on Facebook:

The Christmas truce of 1914 has been misrepresented as an officially sanctioned exercise in good will. In fact, the fraternizing that took place between the troops in ‘no man’s land’ horrified the officers on both sides. They struggled to regain control of the situation and made sure it didn’t happen again. The troops on both sides were understanding they had no reason to fight each other and, had this not been contained, they might have realized that their real enemies were the ones sending them off to fight other working class people.

Funny how things changed once the corporatist elites on both sides began profiting from the manufacture, sale and use of poison gas, which made the class-conscious grunts of 1914 more willing to view those on the other side as worthy of death, eh?

Pic of the Day: Dec. 23, 2013 (Special ‘Sleighful of Symbolism for America’s Hollow Consumeristic Death Throes’ Edition)

Somewhere in an unfashionable area of St. Paul, Minnesota – thirteen years ago (give or take a few days.)

No More “Puzzling,” I Suppose, Than Supporting the Special Right of LGBs to Discriminate Against Trans People…

which, as Free State Just Us, it did in 2001.

From Queer Channel Media:

Equality Maryland on Monday announced it has endorsed Lieutenant Gov. Anthony Brown for governor in an apparent snub of lesbian state Del. Heather Mizeur (D-Montgomery) who is seeking the same office.

“We are proud to put our support behind the Brown/Ulman ticket for governor and lieutenant governor,” said Equality Maryland Executive Director Carrie Evans. “After meeting with the three declared Democratic candidates, we believe that Anthony Brown and [Howard County Executive] Ken Ulman will be the most effective governor and lieutenant governor for Equality Maryland’s issues and for the citizens of Maryland.”

Mizeur described the Brown endorsement as a “puzzling choice” in a statement.

And no more “puzzling,” I suppose, than shoving the gay want of marriage ahead of the need of trans people to participate in the legitimate economy on an equal footing with not only straights but those same LGBs…

which ‘Equality’ Maryland has done in the years since.

Helpful Information for Gay Utah Newlyweds

            (1) It is a discriminatory or prohibited employment practice to take any action described in Subsections (1)(a) through (f).

            (a) (i) An employer may not refuse to hire, promote, discharge, demote, or terminate any person, or to retaliate against, harass, or discriminate in matters of compensation or in terms, privileges, and conditions of employment against any person otherwise qualified, because of:

            (A) race;

            (B) color;

            (C) sex;

            (D) pregnancy, childbirth, or pregnancy-related conditions;

            (E) age, if the individual is 40 years of age or older;

            (F) religion;

            (G) national origin; or

            (H) disability.

FYI: Your marriage – and your right to enter into such a legal status – is a relationship not just between you and your spouse but between you and the goverment.

The above statutory section can also to apply to employment with state and local governmental entities in Utah (which, like all government-sector employers, have additional constitutional restraints that may or may not be of help), but what all of Utah’s gay newlyweds need to keep in mind is that it is what governs relationships between employees/applicants and private-sector employers in Utah.

Drink anything you want – in whatever quantity you desire – from your HRC water bottle, but you are not going to see anything in that list that will help you when your private-sector employer fires you when you try to add your same-sex spouse as a dependent.

Happy holidays!

Breaking News: HRC Establishes Policy of Refusing to Hire Russian Trans Women Either

First, Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea.

Now, this:

Last month, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) launched a new $3 million international campaign that has generated both cautious optimism and scathing criticism from those involved in the global struggle for LGBT equality. Both responses are well-founded and the bar is set high for HRC to distinguish itself in an arena long ago claimed by other advocates.

HRC’s announcement this week of a $100,000 contribution to support the Russian LGBT movement is a serious illustration of its commitment to this new venture into international affairs.

I guess that depends on what your definition of “serious” is – for, I, like most trans women, am still waiting for HRC to make a “serious” hire of a trans woman…

you know, one who has relevant experience and whose hiring by HRC is not an insulting, desperate token gesture to get trans people to stop talking about how HRC committed civil and criminal fraud in attempting to ramrod a gay-only ENDA into law in 2007.

A Reality that is About to Bite

Countdown to the first married Utah gay person being fired for being gay expressing shock that having the right to get married in no way alters a status quo in which there is no legal protection from employment discrimination in 3…2…1….