HRC Trolls for a ‘Thank You’ from Trans People Over its Incompetent and Fraud-Laden Push to Keep ENDA Gay-Only

You know…

which is what led to the pushback by trans people – notably the relevantly-qualified trans people who HRC now (as always) refuses to not discriminate against in its own employment practices – that has made trans-inclusion the ethical, moral default political position (as opposed to the unethical, immoral Maryland-New York philosophy.)

Its the only explanation for what can only be described as a childish tweet by the group that has a well-purchased mythical media image as ‘the adult in the room’ on LGB( ) issues.

A little before 9 p.m Thursday — less than a week since U.S. District Court Judge Robert Shelby found Utah’s ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional — the nation’s largest LGBT rights group poked at the “incompetence” of the state’s acting attorney general in defending the amendment over the past week.

In an unusual show of confidence in the changed political dynamics of marriage equality battles, the Human Rights campaign tweeted a “thank you” from the group’s president, Chad Griffin, to the Twitter account of the Utah Attorney General’s Office.

The current acting attorney general for the state is Brian Tarbet, who took charge of the office after then-Attorney General John Swallow resigned in late November. Earlier this week, Gov. Gary Herbert named a third person, Sean Reyes, as the next attorney general, but Reyes will not take office until January.

“He’s owed our thanks for his general incompetence. With every fumble, bumble and delay, even more gay couples get married,” an HRC staffer, when asked about the tweet, told BuzzFeed Thursday night of Tarbet.

A bet more sure than the Cowboys choking this weekend: “an HRC staffer” is not a trans woman.

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