No More “Puzzling,” I Suppose, Than Supporting the Special Right of LGBs to Discriminate Against Trans People…

which, as Free State Just Us, it did in 2001.

From Queer Channel Media:

Equality Maryland on Monday announced it has endorsed Lieutenant Gov. Anthony Brown for governor in an apparent snub of lesbian state Del. Heather Mizeur (D-Montgomery) who is seeking the same office.

“We are proud to put our support behind the Brown/Ulman ticket for governor and lieutenant governor,” said Equality Maryland Executive Director Carrie Evans. “After meeting with the three declared Democratic candidates, we believe that Anthony Brown and [Howard County Executive] Ken Ulman will be the most effective governor and lieutenant governor for Equality Maryland’s issues and for the citizens of Maryland.”

Mizeur described the Brown endorsement as a “puzzling choice” in a statement.

And no more “puzzling,” I suppose, than shoving the gay want of marriage ahead of the need of trans people to participate in the legitimate economy on an equal footing with not only straights but those same LGBs…

which ‘Equality’ Maryland has done in the years since.


  1. I wonder when Equality Maryland is going to change their name to “Rich White Gay Guys Who Like Fancy Parties.”

    • HRC would sue them for patent and trademark infringement.

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