Helpful Information for Gay Utah Newlyweds

            (1) It is a discriminatory or prohibited employment practice to take any action described in Subsections (1)(a) through (f).

            (a) (i) An employer may not refuse to hire, promote, discharge, demote, or terminate any person, or to retaliate against, harass, or discriminate in matters of compensation or in terms, privileges, and conditions of employment against any person otherwise qualified, because of:

            (A) race;

            (B) color;

            (C) sex;

            (D) pregnancy, childbirth, or pregnancy-related conditions;

            (E) age, if the individual is 40 years of age or older;

            (F) religion;

            (G) national origin; or

            (H) disability.

FYI: Your marriage – and your right to enter into such a legal status – is a relationship not just between you and your spouse but between you and the goverment.

The above statutory section can also to apply to employment with state and local governmental entities in Utah (which, like all government-sector employers, have additional constitutional restraints that may or may not be of help), but what all of Utah’s gay newlyweds need to keep in mind is that it is what governs relationships between employees/applicants and private-sector employers in Utah.

Drink anything you want – in whatever quantity you desire – from your HRC water bottle, but you are not going to see anything in that list that will help you when your private-sector employer fires you when you try to add your same-sex spouse as a dependent.

Happy holidays!

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