Breaking News: HRC Establishes Policy of Refusing to Hire Russian Trans Women Either

First, Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea.

Now, this:

Last month, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) launched a new $3 million international campaign that has generated both cautious optimism and scathing criticism from those involved in the global struggle for LGBT equality. Both responses are well-founded and the bar is set high for HRC to distinguish itself in an arena long ago claimed by other advocates.

HRC’s announcement this week of a $100,000 contribution to support the Russian LGBT movement is a serious illustration of its commitment to this new venture into international affairs.

I guess that depends on what your definition of “serious” is – for, I, like most trans women, am still waiting for HRC to make a “serious” hire of a trans woman…

you know, one who has relevant experience and whose hiring by HRC is not an insulting, desperate token gesture to get trans people to stop talking about how HRC committed civil and criminal fraud in attempting to ramrod a gay-only ENDA into law in 2007.

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