Rocky Mountain Butts

Charlie Butts, that is.

Might as well be.

Cristan Williams, meanwhile, details how the ‘mainstream’ media, yet again, uncritically accepts – and disseminates – christianist anti-trans propaganda.

Charlotte Burrous, a reporter for the Canon City Daily Record asserted that parents of students spoke out at a school board meeting:

Parents of students in the Florence-Penrose School District expressed concern during Monday’s regular board meeting about a transgender Florence High School girl who has been granted permission by the school, and the district, to continue to use the girls’ restroom at the school.

Yeah, they’re talking about Jane Doe[.]

In the story, Burrous states that Carol Clemenson addressed the School Board saying, ”But what about the girls rights? They’re victims.” From what Burrous chooses to report, what are readers to think about the folks who spoke at the School Board meeting? What narrative is Burrous constructing?

What if I were to tell you that Carol Clemenson wasn’t a parent of a child in the Florence High School School District, but one of several anti-trans activists from a town around an hour away from Florence High? What if I told you that she’s actually a Tea Partier who reports for a very Conservative newspaper? What if I told you that Clemenson believes that all of this trans stuff is part of an sick, ungodly, Obama conspiracy to destroy the nation?

Would any of those facts impact the narrative Burrous constructed in her article? Is it important to mention that Clemenson wants to have all trans children castrated before they’re allowed to pee at school? Is it important to note that Clemenson is adamantly anti-trans? Is it important to note that Clemenson thinks trans kids are possibly motivated by a need to rape and – I kid you not – take pornographic pictures to sell?

Are any of these facts important to the story Burrous wrote? If so, why were they left out?

I’m sure that all of the trans women currently gainfully employed by HRC, NGLTF and Lambda Legal will be investigating that.


(I thought about calling this post Rocky Mountain Lie, but I thought to myself ‘Why sully the memory of John Denver?’)

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