The ‘Force Marcus Bachmann to Get a Non-Fraudulent Job’ Act of 2014

While I doubt that Minnesota State Rep. Karen Clark will call it that…

Clark plans to introduce a bill that would make Minnesota the third state to ban the discredited and dangerous practice of “ex-gay” therapy, which falsely claims to change patients from gay to straight.

To draft the bill, Clark enlisted the help of Alec Fischer, a sophomore at the University of Minnesota who launched a petition asking lawmakers to protect children from damaging and fraudulent sexual orientation change efforts (also known as “ex-gay” therapy and “conversion” therapy).

Perhaps the most famous Minnesotan who’d be impacted if this proposed bill became law is Marcus Bachmann, the husband of U.S. Representative and former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, whose clinic I exposed in July 2011 for offering “ex-gay” therapy in an undercover hidden-camera investigation.

…reality-based people should call it such nevertheless.

And while I rarely find it necessary to quote a website run by a character who has no problem being a scrivener for anti-trans group libel – and then refusing to acknowlege that the ‘facts’ underlying such stories are lies even when they are repeatedly demonstrated to be such – I will quote this, which is from someone who appeared not to be involved with propagating tales of the Vancouver Incident That Didn’t Actually Happen:

Let’s hope Minnesota lawmakers force Bachmann to get out of the gay “conversion” business for good and put the kibosh on this insidious form of child abuse.


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