The Silence of the Shams

Namely, gay ‘media.’

From planetransgender:

Watch Denver Wrangler protesters explain their grievances. So why is gay media still silent?

A very diverse group of LGBT people and allies met Sunday afternoon in front of a bear gay bar called “The Denver Wrangler” to bring attention to their denying entrance to Vito John Marzano, a regular patron who happened to be in drag that day after performing at a nearby fundraiser.

The response?

You know what comes next, right?


Oh yeh…

No intolerance or non-acceptance there at all – in what might be the first instance of anyone de facto apologizing for the fact that other people (namely, anyone who sees the sign) can read.

Kelli Busey’s summation:

“Trans-erasure” “Gay Supremacist” Gay misogyny? Am I being melodramatic? Well lets go to gay blogs that have picked up this story who have published a empathetic view….


That’s not for a lack of trying. I tried to get gay blogs to speak about this when it the story first broke.

Same as it ever was…

Same as it ever was…

Same as it ever was…


  1. (speechless)

  2. When Brent is refused a public accommodation for his gay marriage, will that be a civil right?

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