I Can Only Think of One Scenario in Which Signing the Maryland Anti-Gay-Marriage Petition Would Not be Conclusive Proof of Holding “Anti-Gay Views”…

Gallaudet University’s chief diversity officer filed a $16 million discrimination and defamation lawsuit on Sept. 27 against the university and two out lesbian faculty members on grounds that they “tarnished” her professional reputation by implying she held anti-gay views.

…and I have a sneaking suspicion that Gallaudet University’s chief (alleged) diversity officer did not sign the petition as a principled pro-trans protest against Maryland’s gay elites screwing trans people over by ramrodding the gay want of marriage ahead of Maryland trans people’s need for anti-discrimination protections on the civil rights agenda.

The university’s president suspended Angela McCaskill from her job as Associate Provost of Diversity and Inclusion last October after news surfaced that she signed a petition to place Maryland’s same-sex marriage law on the November ballot in a voter referendum.

McCaskill, a Maryland resident, explained at the time that she signed the petition when it was circulated at her church. She said her intention was to allow Maryland voters to decide on the gay marriage question and that she had taken no public position on the controversial issue.

“The plaintiff explained that her signature on the petition solely represented her desire to have the same-sex marriage issue vetted through public discourse so that Maryland voters could become more understanding, informed, and enlightened about the issue once they entered the polls,” the lawsuit says.



Apparently her attorney is hoping that no one involved in adjudicating the case will remember that, going into 2012, by comparison to same-sex marriage’s record in statewide ballot initiatives, the 2013 Houston Astros were the 1927 New York Yankees (or, hell, for that matter even the 2013 Yankees.)

Translated: prior to 2012, signing a petition to put gay marriage on the ballot meant that you were intending to submit gay marriage to a process that no rational trier of fact could presume an anti-gay-marriage-petition-signer who also holds herself out as a civil rights professional would not know that gay marriage had never emerged from alive (and, yes, I am taking Arizona in 2006 into account, because that was a SuperDOMA and Arizona immediately snapped back and passed a regular DOMA.)


Something tells me that if the African-American McCaskill’s boss – the university president – had signed a petition to send to voters a repeal of laws prohibiing racial discrimination and thereafter claimed that he wanted the racial anti-discrimination issue vetted through public discourse so that Maryland voters could become more understanding, informed, and enlightened about the issue once they entered the polls, she’d not simply be claiming that his signature on said petition created a de facto hostile racial environment for her and other non-whites; she’d be at the front of the line outside his office with a pitchfork and a torch – and tar and feathers for good measure.

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