Any Bets as to Whether Cleveland Would Have a Problem With Repeated Calls Regarding Violence Against a Church?

From The Towle:

Last week we reported on a gay man beaten by a group of youths outside the Cocktails Lounge gay bar in Cleveland.

Now, Towleroad has obtained a copy of a letter written by the City of Cleveland to the bar’s owner Brian Lyons threatening him for calling the police 9 times.

No, not from The Onion, but really, truly and actually from Towleroad.

Yes, seriously:

How seriously?


Says the letter:

Re: Property located at 9208

Our records indicate from September 02, 2012 through September 01, 2013 Cleveland Police Officers and/or Dog warden have been dispatched and responded to your property located at 9208 Detroit Avenue inns for various Calls for service. Repeated calls to the same property place an and inappropriate burden on the taxpayers of the City of Cleveland and on our safety forces. The estimated cost for the city safety forces to respond to your property is approximately $100.00 per call for service.

l am confident that we share the same goal and that you will take the necessary steps to eliminate the repeated calls for police services to your property. Therefore, within 10 days of the date of this letter, you will be required to submit your action plan to the First District Neighborhood Police Commander (623-5105), outlining your strategy to eliminate the problems at this location.

Failure to address these issues, resulting in future calls for police service, will be scrutinized for appropriate administrative or law enforcement action.


Martin L. Flask, Director Department of Public Safety

cc: Director of Law Michael McGrath, Chief, Division of Poke Councilperson lay Westbrook, Ward 16 Deputy Chief Field Operations, Division of Police 1. District Commander

That seriously.

Ohio – for when Alabama anti-LGBT repression just won’t do.

Gee…Gay, Inc. Insulting Average LGBT People? That NEVER Happens

…except when it does, which is more often than not.

Enter, the Gay, Inc. propaganda about why Christine Quinn lost.  As analyzed by Michelangelo Signorile:

[T]hose LGBT leaders of groups based in Washington, D.C., that raised lots of money for Quinn and are now lamenting her loss — and blaming LGBT New Yorkers for abandoning her — are insulting the well-informed, politically active LGBT voters of New York, and it will only cause further backlash against them if they continue. They’re also tone-deaf to the fact that the majority of LGBT people in this city, like the larger population, are people of color and have other priorities as well, including ending Bloomberg’s stop-and-frisk policy, which became central in the campaign.

Re: the reasons that are filling the attempt by Gay, Inc. to manufacture an official, unchallengeable narrative of Quinn’s loss:

I’m certainly not saying that sexism and homophobia, and racism, for that matter, were not present in this or other elections. They’ll unfortunately be a staple in politics for a long time to come. But those are the cards we’re dealt: If you’re a woman or a member of a minority group, you have to be that much better than all the other candidates, unfair as that might be. And Christine Quinn just was not. If an out lesbian, Tammy Baldwin, can win a statewide Senate seat in the Midwestern state of Wisconsin amid homophobic invective in the race, an out lesbian can win the mayor’s race in New York if she captivates the voters and stirs passion in them. Christine Quinn did not.

Quinn bet on New Yorkers desiring continuity. She thought that being a woman and a lesbian was enough to give her street cred with progressives while she backed the status quo. But that didn’t cut it….

Its at this point that I somewhat wish that St. Barney had gotten into the campaign for John Kerry’s vacated Senate seat.  There would have been more than plenty ammo against the male St. Barney – both from inside and outside the LGBT community and outside, and none of the latter would have even needed to recycle a notorious Penis Infantry comment.  St. Barney, irrespective of anything he may have been in the Massachusetts Legislature and in his early days in Congress, became a worthless, Democratic machine hack (who had to have sold his soul to the machinery in order to keep from being expelled following the Stephen Gobie scandal); his transphobia was just a bonus for Gay, Inc.

Quinn, similarly, is a machine hack who didn’t have enough sense to realize that pretty much any and all non-whites (and a lot of whites as well) in NYC who got oe more opportunity to cast a vote influenced by the existence of the more-racist-than-St.-Barney-is-transphobic ‘stop and frisk’ policy just might possibly be willing cast a vote against a white woman (or man) who approved of the policy.


Pic of the Day: Sept. 11, 2013 (Special Lugnut Edition)

The other night I caught Keith Olbermann (damn its good to have him back, eh?) taking note of some bonehead play committed by Miami Marlins rookie Jake Marisnick.  I wasn’t even aware that Marisnick had gone from the Toronto Blue Jays organization to the Marlins organization, much less that he’d made it up to the majors.

Anyway, here’s something non-bonehead-ish from him – from the 2011 Midwest League All-Star Game at Davenport, Iowa – when he was with Toronto’s Class A affiliate, the Lansing Lugnuts.

There Must Actually be a Move Afoot on ENDA


The John is back to his gay-primacy shtick, longing for the days when “gay” was understood as a modifier for “man” and only “man” (you know, the way that “American” carried undersood silent modifiers of “white,” “male” and “christian”) only now he’s framing it as ‘everyone in ‘LGBT’ who is not a gay male is forcing po’ po’ pi’ful John into a closet against his will’.

It’s not a huge secret that I’m not a big fan of the ever-expanding abbreviation LGBT for what used to be the “gay” community.

Once upon a time (the mid-1990s, in fact) we were gay, then “gay & lesbian,” then “gay, lesbian and bisexual,” then “gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans,” then “lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans,” and now, depending who you talk to, we’ve added on the letter Q (having multiple meanings), I (having multiple meanings), and a few As to boot.

Putting aside the argument about who is and isn’t a member of the gay community, and whether “questioning” is even a legitimate category at all (are there questioning Jews? – yes – so perhaps we should rename Judaism “JewsQ”).

But let’s not even get into any of that.  One of my biggest concerns with the abbreviation LGBT, or whatever your preferred alphabet soup, is that fact that’s basically shoved ourselves back into the closet.

No, John – the only into-closet-shoving is done by out-of-touch quasi-Republican elitists such as yourself who, if a lie detector could be allowed to do its work, would be shown to be not only transphobic but also to actually oppose civil rights laws in general.

How so?

I’m glad you asked.

Plenty of trans people who might like to be out aren’t because they know that they don’t have anti-discrimination protections – and in places like Wisconsin, New York, New Hampshire and Maryland they don’t have them whilst arrogant elitist snotbags like The John do.

Advocates see momentum for ENDA, other bills


Told ya.

Right-Wing Christianist Psychopaths Are Always For Local Control…

…until they’re not.

Usually, that coincides with needing votes from other right-wing christianist psychopaths.

Enter Greg ‘multi-level hypocrite, professional politician and perpetual avoider of the economy that his party destroyed’ Abbott:

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott tells 1200 WOAI news he’s serious about filing a federal lawsuit against San Antonio’s newly enacted Gay and Lesbian Non Discrimination Ordinance, and says litigation to block the new law may be filed as early as this week.

The law, which was passed 8-3 on Thursday, adds sexual orientation and ‘gender identity’ to the state’s current non discrimination laws.

But Abbott and other conservative activists say haste on the part of supporters to ram the NDO through, and last minute changes made during the debate make the law a ‘mess’ and make it unenforceable and illegal.

“Section 32 of Article One of the Texas Constitution concerns same sex marriage,” Abbott said.  “If someone says we are going to stand on the law, they would be guilty of violating that San Antonio ordinance.”

In light of:

In 2004, Greg Abbott launched an effort to strike down the Americans With Disabilities Act because it was “unconstitutional.” Abbott, himself, is in a wheelchair, following an accident when a tree landed on him. Abbott lost the use of his legs, won a $10 million lawsuit settlement — then immediately championed tort reform. In both of these fights, Abbott fought to prevent Texans from enjoying the same disability assistance — financial and regulatory — that he himself has benefit from.

So after he gets his $10 million settlement, he screwed everybody else who gets injured. If a doctor commits blatant malpractice and because of it, your 3-year-old is crippled for life, do you know the most you can collect? $250,000.

is Abbott really the person to talk about standing on any law?

Yes, that’s incredibly mean – but so was this:

Clarence Thomas earned that – and has earned more in the years since.

Greg Abbott is his disability analogue.

Post-Racial AmeriKKKa

I Just Wish that Someone I Can Actually Stand Had Done This

From The Superficial:

While speaking at GQ‘s Man of The Year Awards, Russell Brand thought it’d be hilarious to joke about the fact that Hugo Boss, the event’s sponsor, made a fortune selling uniforms to the Nazis. Which it was unless you’re an editor for GQ whose corporate sponsor you (accurately) linked to one of the most historic genocides in the history of man. Via The Daily Mail:

While on stage, Brand told the gathered celebrities and politicians, ‘If anyone knows a bit about history and fashion, you know it was Hugo Boss who made uniforms for the Nazis.’ He then added, with less than subtle irony, ‘But they looked fucking fantastic, let’s face it, while they were killing people on the basis of their religion and sexuality.’

Russell is hereby invited to the U.S. to do readings of the Declaration of Independence at July 4th events…

so long as he includes the part about “merciless Indian savages.”