There Must Actually be a Move Afoot on ENDA


The John is back to his gay-primacy shtick, longing for the days when “gay” was understood as a modifier for “man” and only “man” (you know, the way that “American” carried undersood silent modifiers of “white,” “male” and “christian”) only now he’s framing it as ‘everyone in ‘LGBT’ who is not a gay male is forcing po’ po’ pi’ful John into a closet against his will’.

It’s not a huge secret that I’m not a big fan of the ever-expanding abbreviation LGBT for what used to be the “gay” community.

Once upon a time (the mid-1990s, in fact) we were gay, then “gay & lesbian,” then “gay, lesbian and bisexual,” then “gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans,” then “lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans,” and now, depending who you talk to, we’ve added on the letter Q (having multiple meanings), I (having multiple meanings), and a few As to boot.

Putting aside the argument about who is and isn’t a member of the gay community, and whether “questioning” is even a legitimate category at all (are there questioning Jews? – yes – so perhaps we should rename Judaism “JewsQ”).

But let’s not even get into any of that.  One of my biggest concerns with the abbreviation LGBT, or whatever your preferred alphabet soup, is that fact that’s basically shoved ourselves back into the closet.

No, John – the only into-closet-shoving is done by out-of-touch quasi-Republican elitists such as yourself who, if a lie detector could be allowed to do its work, would be shown to be not only transphobic but also to actually oppose civil rights laws in general.

How so?

I’m glad you asked.

Plenty of trans people who might like to be out aren’t because they know that they don’t have anti-discrimination protections – and in places like Wisconsin, New York, New Hampshire and Maryland they don’t have them whilst arrogant elitist snotbags like The John do.

Advocates see momentum for ENDA, other bills


Told ya.

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  1. Why stop at rolling things back to the days of the “Gay & Lesbian Community?” Just roll things all the way back to when it was just “the Gay community,” before those lesbians got “tacked on” and all the straight people got all confusedicated forever after by that addition.

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