Humanity is Indeed Nothing But a Virus With Shoes

At least when Lyndon Johnson handed the South to Republicans and then destroyed the Democratic Party over Vietnam, we at least got the Civil Rights Act as a consolation prize.

What does our Syria consolation prize look to be?

A DADT repeal that allows LGB bloodthirsty warmongers can die along with everyone else to line the pockets of draftdodging defense contractors (until the next Republican president reinstitutes the equivalent of DADT via executive order)…

Larry Summers as head of the Federal Reserve…

And President Marco Rubio.

Color me even more jaundiced than Bill Hicks was on ‘Rant in E Minor.’

In the meantime….

Memo to Joe Solmonese: Make a note on your calendar on whatever day it is that President Obama succeeds in conning Congress into declaring a wink-wink-nudge-nudge war on Syria.

The note?

This is, for all practical substantive LGBT political purposes, Jan. 19, 2017.

Clearly, President Obama isn’t the only one who can pull a red line out of his ass.

Yours, however, can be moved forward – and President Obama is about to do it for you.

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