Much Like Richard Nixon Rejected the Analysis Indicating That He Was a Crook….

From the CPAC of (alleged) feminism:

Forbidden Discourse: The Silencing of Feminist Criticism of “Gender”

We reject the notion that this analysis is transphobic.



  1. TERF: “You trannies are ruining feminism with your ickiness!”
    Trans person: “That’s really rude, and it’s exactly what earlier waves of feminism did to lesbians and WOC and–”
    TERF: “SHUT UP AND QUIT SILENCING WOMEN!” [TERF then uses moderator powers to delete trans person’s post]

  2. at least we now know the answer to Cleavon Little’s question. though it should be amended rich, doctoral and law degreed yet somehow oppressed by .07% of the population who – you know – are generally poor, – are 52% of the lgbt hate murders etc, etc.

    seriously – this is your focus for how to improve peoples lives? beat up on someone less powerful?

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