“Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminism (TERF) is a Relatively Small – But Extremely Dedicated – Hate Group Which Passes Itself Off as Feminism to Create, Support and Promulgate Negative Opinions About Trans People”

For decades being gay or lesbian or an uppity female was considered a mental illness, yet some feminists think it’s ok to apply that pathology to transgender people. It really doesn’t matter whether being gay, lesbian, or transgender is a choice or inborn. It should be up to the individual to determine their sexual identity or gender. These self-definitions should not be assigned or institutionalized by the capitalistic patriarchal system and certainly not by so-called feminists.

Feminism = human liberation

It seems that radical feminists have their priorities out of whack. They seem to see the biggest threat coming from transpeople and allies rather than attacks on abortion, economic exploitation or domestic violence. Online debates focus on not allowing transwomen in “women’s” bathrooms as though there needs to be some sort of bathroom police on duty. These ridiculous debates detract from much more productive conversations on how to organize against sexism.

From a post from Radical Women at TransAdvocate that the non-TERFs at the Southern Poverty Law Center should read.


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  1. I really hope SPLC doesn’t read that disaster… there’s only so much lazy, implicitly-degendering, artificially dualistic, language that one can tolerate.

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